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Menu planning tips for young chefs!

Proper menu planning is much more than listing your favourite recipes on a sheet of paper and putting it in front of customers. A good menu is a deliberate, careful blend that suits the restaurants theme, design and meets the desired price point.

The kitchen team has to be able to execute the menu in their available kitchen space.

* consider seasonality

Incorporating seasonal produce into your menu can have several benefits first, but tends to be more affordable, since the supply is so large. It also tastes significantly better.

* plan with cost control and pricing in mind..

Chefs must consider the cost of every ingredient when they’re planning their menus. Everything from the protein to the seasoning contributes to the overall costs in the kitchen.

* Think ahead to prevent waste

Kitchen food waste is a common problem in restaurants, hotels, and catering companies that chefs can tackle in the menu planning stagy. While some amount of waste is inevitable in a kitchen. Aclever menu can help manage the problems.

* Think about pacing and speed

It’s tempting to think of an entree as a single individual entity. But a chef has to think holistically Dinners rarely eat alone. So you have to consider how long it takes to prepare each different item on the menu.

* confidence

Any chef without confidence in his menu, ingredients, and planning will not solve kitchen problems. The only way is to have confidence in the kitchen. Make plan before, and you know how to use ingredients, control wastes, cost control and inventory managing. In that you’ll solve the restaurant and kitchen problems.

You can start here to get there.

Restaurant need high-energy and staff paced.

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