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Between many restaurants being closed for the foreseeable future and everyone being stuck at home. Cooking food at home can be more healthier and less expensive than ordinary take-out.

Organise your kitchen in a way that makes sense and quick accessible, so that you can slay efficiently and organized whole cooking. Cooking in a messy kitchen that’s completely disorganised. You must not running from one side of the kitchen to the other for items.

Never mind the recipe, just get in the kitchen and get started! I’ve got proven formula’s for stir-fry, pastas, sheet-pan meals, tacos, salads and bowls that will expand your cooking.


* Build your own salad

* Build your own flavours

* Create your own menu araund you in your pantry.

Recipe are great when you’re trying a new ingredients, learning a fresh cooking method or discovering a type of cuisine.

* It saves time and money. Armed with a well-stocked pantry when you cook without a recipe dictating ingredients, you are free to substitute a missing items

* You’ll be eating seasonal when you’re not tired to a recipe you can plan a meal around raft-over looks tempting at the farmers market.

* You’ll gain culinary skills, as you build a pantry of your own fresh herbs, dried spices, different oils and vinegars. You will learn a lot about how to build flavours.

* It stimulates creativity. When you’re creating an entirely new custom-made meal to suit your tastes and mood.

* You’ll do fewer dishes, since you’re not measuring according to a recipe, you won’t use nearly as many.

* You’ll waste less food, the average consumer wastes a lot of food annually 2.9gm every meal time.

TIPS :remember to read through all the directions in this content before you can start cooking.

~ Build your own bowl : when creating your own bowl, you can choose a flavour theme-Mexican or Japanese, for instance-as a place to start. Try balancing both crunch and creamy ingredients.

* Improve better : memories the simple ratios for the basic sauces.

Doesn’t get much easier than this shot out to the freezer.

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