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Mr delicious recipe a

Hi! I’m chef ssentongo Geoffrey

I’m hopefully creative in cooking and creating recipes. I knew from an arly age that I wanted to be someone who captures people’s mind and moments by cooking for them a delicious meals

During my free time, I creat recipes.

What about you?

Explore the World cuisines

Amazing recipes and fun adventures are waiting for you. Treat yourself with your own cooking .

Discover Unlimited recipes

Meet different cuisines , cultures, traditional dishes in the world and Choose your favorite , I will take care of the rest.

Take your time in the kitchen and get prepared. Get ingredients and stock up your pantry. Do Miss en place to easy your cooking.

Why do people go to the restaurant?

People visit restaurants regularly for good food !

Its time for you to make it at home and stop spending.

Chef ssentongo Geoffrey

Mr Delicious recipe



Special memories and Life experience in a-Minute for your family dinner.

My quest for sustainability is expected in food. More broadly through recipes, sources and flavors. But also in the details, like snacks and main dishes.

“Founding on mixed-heritage, ‘no borders’ cooking, with influences from southeast and East Asia, the middle East, Africa, Europe and the West it is my primary.

Explore the culinary skills

I’m offering free culinary guidance and career advice.

Restaurant Owners

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