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* what is the best dish for a beginner cook to try?

I asked star chefs from all over their recommendations.

Here’s what they had to say…

1- “You learn temperature control, working with butter and not burning it,caramelization , that you can screw up easily. If you don’t control temperature and egg,cookery” don’t use expensive items first, because you’re a neophyte and can’t waste good ingredients.


” perfecting a roast chicken with vegetables is an art ” says legendary chef Emeril lagasse. I’ve also used a basic roasting pan that I’ll line with my potatoes. If the root vegetables are large, I’ll either cut them or blanch them a little so they all cook evenly, depending on the size of the chicken.

3 – Spaghetti carbonara..

“Distes like that have stood the test of time for a reason; people like it” says Michael Tusk chef/co-owner of Quince.” It also doesn’t have a lot of ingredients, so you can focus on what kind of spaghetti would be best, what kind of guanciale, black pepper, Eggs, parmigiano or pecorino. It’s a dish I like to make because it makes me think a lot.

4 – whole roasted fish…

“It’s not very hard to do and results are great ” use any fish like Tilapia fish because the cooking time will be less more quicker. When the dorsalfin pulls right out,you know the fish is done.

5 – Cream-Based soup..

” they all have the same basic ingredients” onions, garlic, and chicken or your vegetables of choice then cream and butter.

The key is how you finish it at the end .Adjusting the salt, the acid, it’s all a matter of tasting, that’s one of the ways I get my cooks to learn how to work their palate out.

6 – Garden Salad..

“The most important thing is to know how to make a garden salad “, And to do that you have to be able to make a really good vinaigrette. People often overdo it, take a mortor and pestle, pound a fresh cloves of garlics, put a little salt in there and a good quality vinegar, whisk in olive oil, fresh cracked pepper and dice a shallot you’re done.

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By: chef ssentongo Geoffrey

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Simple menu


Hawaiian chicken

* Thai peanut skillet chicken

Skillet chicken

* Turkish Gozleme with lamb

Lamb gozleme

* Bolognese (lagu) with Rigatoni pasta

Rigatoni bolognese

* Lemon TERIYAKI chicken with broccoli

Chicken teriyaki

* Chicken piccata with lemon sauce

Chicken piccata

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Hi! I’m chef ssentongo Geoffrey

Of course you expect the food at your restaurant to be memorable, but often equally as memorable as the service and experience. You will find the staff is very attentive, doing things like folding your napkins if you go to the bathroom, cleaning crumbs off of your table .

If you go to the kitchen you find cooks prepping for lunch. At the end you expect great service to make the customers feel comfortable and enjoying there meal at the end it will give them a memorable dining experience.

Tips for cooking without a recipe!

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Operating and control of the F & B department, Reports to ; hotel director direct subordinates:

* Bar manager, Restaurant manager, executive chef, Hotel cost controller; single 1.


must have received skills in public relations, computer knowledge, stock control system, poss system at least six years in food and beverage department in addition to management school with at least three years in management position minimum of four years kitchen/ store/ financial background preferred. Management functions and ability to communicate with all levels of personal, check cost control organization of a catering department.


Food and beverage outlets, storage and provision areas Garlegs, staff neess, waste disposal and sanitation, health and hygiene. Standards set in the Hotel,conduct trainings, Executive chef quality, timing, service level, inventory levels, ONB Revenue.

Communication provide a two way line for staff dealing with problems, and proposals.

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Four steps to restaurant success

Before you dash off and ping out to new restaurant in town with a mouthwatering menu , remember reviewing restaurants isn’t all about a free meal. Its about trust and building relationships.

So let’s get right and take a look at the steps, food you should consider when approaching restaurant’s for review.

1- why do you want to review a restaurant?

First up, before you even put hand on your head take a step back and be honest with yourself-why do you really want to review a restaurant?

Are you just in for a free meal and a night out?

If we’re all truly honest, the thought of a free meal in exchange for a couple of services appealing. But it shouldn’t necessarily be the reason for approaching a restaurant;unless you’ve got no qualius whatsoever. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

Your reason might be somehow simple, may be the restaurant is a great match with your thoughts or you have learnt about restaurant operation business and you would like to start.


Make a list of all your reasons why-it will help you when you reach out to start restaurant service its about potential.

Remember, it’s not just about what you can offer in the restaurant, it’s about what they want to be offered.


Remember I said that that reviews are more about building relationship than a free meal? That’s where your doing you homework comes in . But just the same as knowing your reasons, doing your background research is vitally important.


Follow a restaurants that you would like to start and start engaging on a research for how to start operating the business and services.


You’ve brainstormed, done your homework and you’re now ready to go out to start a restaurant.

You’ve already put a lot of effort into getting this, so you don’t want to throw it all away with something cobbled together and sent off in 30 seconds flot, do you? No….


* Take your time, don’t just rush out with the hope you’ll not get what you want.

* Let your personality shine through, not only for your hat for the service your are giving out.

* Keep it friendly and polite, remember to build a strong relationship. Don’t be aggressive and demanding that’s why the restaurant won’t work out.

* Remember why you decided to start a restaurant business.

* Finally, think out side the box how all your ideas will work together. Don’t just assume that restaurant is the best of all business.


Great news, the restaurant side gal’s! You have a fabulous spot service hough your experience to the top of your thought. But there’s still work to be done.

So , what are you waiting for ?

Always remember, there’s no guarantee that on your restaurant all will go well, think very fer and continue working hard. With your-effort and relationships.

By following these steps you should be able to achieve more great in restaurant service.

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Next we will look at,

* Running a restaurant successfully

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Zinc plays a crucial role in regulation of blood sugar, fighting against cold and infections healing of wounds transfer of carbon – dioxide from tissue to langs and boasting immunity. Cashews, nuts, oatmeal, chicken breast, cereal products, green peas, almonds and kidney beans are good sources of zinc.


#. Potassium, cohich is also known to be an electrolyte, is needed for uoimal nervous system function muscle contraction, to regulate heart beat, maintain tissue elasticity aid in healing promote correct liver functioning and help in building proteus breaks down the corbohydrates and manage proper functioning of over heart.


# iron promotes proper growth metabolism, DNG synthesis, immunity and building of bones and muscle tissue. It is responsible for transferring oxygen in our blood from the lungs. Foods raisins, chick peas, pumpkin seed, legumes whole grain cereals, spinach and sesume seeds are high in iron among others.

I brought this content, in that they I’ve been requesting for, if you have blood sugar.

# Also Revealed :

Lemon wedges contains hurtful games.

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Choosing a career as a chef :

Choosing to start a career as a chef is something anyone can do at any time in their life. With the hospitality industry continuing to grow year on year, there remains a high demand for skilled chefs and the requirements for you to get started may not be as tough as you anticipate.

In addition to the skills were listing below, ones thing every chef needs is to be fully up to date in.

Food hygiene

Nowadays there are so many different dining experiences available, from fine dining, high street restaurants, to grab and go, and eateries, covering all sorts of traditionals and fusion cuisines.

Becoming a chef opens up many diverse puths, you aren’t limited to one cuisine type or establishment. This means you can be master of your own career direction, something which appeals to many budding chefs.

What are the requirements to become a chef?

Anyone can become a chef, but if you are just starting out you must get some experience of working in a kitchen to put on your cv.

The good news is there are a lots of ways you can do this :

* WORK – many establishments are willing to take on school leavers. You would start your training puth as kitchen assistant or traine and work your way up the top.

It’s in this career where I heard the term, “perception is reality” which is something my mother used to always say. A good thing to remember when dealing with conflict, resolution it also covers, leadership styles, coaching, counseling, and organization, knowledge, customer service, motivation and management styles.

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FACTS: prep cooks are the ansang heroes of the restaurant industry. That’s because they have the difficult task of cutting, preparing, and cooking everything needed for a restaurant which is not an easy job. But they have some super practical tricks up their sleeves for making cooking easier.

1} Read your recipes before starting to cook. Then gather everything you need and begin working in stages. 2} Make a prep list to help you work smarter and stay on track.
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