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Kitchen snafus happen to everyone, from the trainars to professional chefs, one minute everything is fine, and the next?

Broken sauces; improper seasoning; clumpy chocolate; with practice and experience, both amateurs and professionals can reduce the frequency of these mishaps and know what to do to fix them.

Here are quick fixes for four common kitchen disasters!

* fix A broken Emulsion

An emulsion is a blend of two seemingly unmixable liquids, like oil and water or oil and eggs, by mixing these liquids vigorously, you can saspend one liquid inside the other. The resulting blend could be a sauce like a Bearre blanc, a vina, or mayonnaise.

*Salvage a salt overload

Getting your seasoning right comes with time and practice. Under-salting is an easy fix-just add more! But over-salting is a little trickier to remedy.

* Repair seized chocolate

Melted chocolate should be per-fectly smooth and creamy, so it will pour evenly and have a glossy finish. But even a drop of water introduced into the melting pot can cause stiff, crumbly chocolate instead of a smooth mett.

* De-stick your noodles

It’s endlessly frustrating to pour your livery pasta strained into colander-only for them to congeal into a sticky mess in seconds.

To prevent it from happening, start with a lorge pot with plenty of salted water.

* learn the science!

Understanding the science behind these Common kitchen disasters can help you avoid them or fix them without starting from ccrach.