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* Have the right intentions

If you want to make it as a restaurant owner ,you have to love what you do. To be successful, you’ll invest a lot of time and money so make sure that starting a restaurant is your passion, not just a business venture you hope will Mae money. It’s harder than you can imagine.

* Have a solid business plan in place

You can scratch a business plan out on a cocktail napkin. You need a detailed business plan that charts the course for your success. Turn your dream of owning your own restaurant into a reality. Pay special attention to your marketing plan you can only tely on word of mouth to bring in so many customers.

* Location, Location, Location

With a restaurant, Location is everything. You need a spot that draws crowds, is easily accessible, and has the potential for growth. Of course, you need a location that fits within your budget too. It makes sense to take time as you’re looking for the right space.

* Test your menu

Approach building your menu like an experiment. Consider having a dinner party feuturing Your proposed menu where you ask people for their honest feedback. But don’t just invite your closest friends and family.

* Hire Essential Help

How many people do you need on stuff to get started?

# Invest in training your Employees to better manage your staff, Be willing to fill in where needed. As the owner , you can’t have an Ego, as owner you have to be willing to do every job. Watch your labor costs.

* Secure Funding and Manage your Cash Flow.

Generat startup capital : Plan to lose money for the first six months; restaurant aren’t profitable overnight. It takes time to market your new place, attract a crowd and get people to came back.

Plan for bumps in the road; it’s easy to go over budget when you’re first starting out ,so make sure that you have some additional money to cover the unexpected.

Watch your food cost, you are in the business of making money and keeping your customers happy.

The menu is a mix of French regional cuisines, and the menu changes with the seasons.
Be sure to ask about the daily specials!

Sample Menu


Fricassée of Wild Mushrooms
Braised wild mushrooms served with seaweed and liquid nitrogen
2500 ssp


Coq au Vin d’Alsace
Chicken cooked in Riesling wine with onions, mushrooms and herbs
4250 ssp


Pumpkin Soufflé
With bourbon, cinnamon and molasses sauce
3000 ssp

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