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Chef and cook

It is likely that you will often hear the terms cook and chef used interchangeably and so it can be hard to know what the difference is between them, if any both refer to someone who works with food in the kitchen.

What is the defference between a chef and a cook?

A cook is someone who prepares and cooks food ; while a chef is a skilled and trained cook who works in a hotel or restaurant : these definitions imply that a chef is a type of cook, but they differ in that a chef has developed learned skills, and chefs are likely to work in restaurants or hotels.

Define a cook!

A cook can apply to those working in many different settings such as schools, hospital and prisons other food is not priority of the establishment as it would be in a restaurant. the same level of precision. Cooks exist in restaurants too. and are usually those who fellow existing recipes or experimenting. Cook are are generally multi-skilled.

Like inventing dishes.

Define a chef!

A chef typically works in eateries where ingredients tend to be fresh and presentations more considered. Often chefs will have standard and gained knowledge to get to where they are and they have greater understanding of techniques and flavors. A good chef can cook without following a recipe knowing instinctively from experience what combinations of ingredients work together.

Choose fresh vegetables

Career in food supply:

For chefs who are passionate about food and ingredients, transitioning to working for a supply company could be an excellent alternative career choice.

Marketing and PR

Quite often, chefs will have experience of marketing and public relations wherever it be from using Instagram for their work place to showcase their menu items or running promotional events to drive business and sales.

Health and Exercise Roles

If you have a passion for healthy eating you could explore the option of becoming a personal trainer or dietician and a nutritionist.

Kitchen design

Another way in which chefs could use their experiences and knowledge to their advantage when changing their career is through commercial kitchen designing.

Kitchen designing


For a chef who enjoys training new starters in the kitchen you may feel drawn to a role where you can educate others.

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