Chef breaks down the worst way of cooking.

There are few kitchen disasters that are quite as bad as when you’ve invested some serious bucks in a pricey of beef and you still somehow manage to screw up the cooking and turn it into an incredible, inedible mess.
Lucky there are some kind of tips and tricks to help you to make the most of your meat or anything well.

* choosing too thin of a cut. 2, cooking your meat while it’s wet. 3, Turning your steaks too aften. 4, cooking your steak at room temperature.

Dangerous cooking mistakes you didn’t know you were making.

Cooking is complicated between the millions of recipes to choose from the dozens of possible ways to prepare your food. Between sharp objects, heat and harmful bacteria, a lot can go wrong in the kitchen, I want you to love food and cooking and I want you to be safe. Thanks for your time to read and enjoy, please share, like and comment.

Chef ssentongo Geoffrey from chef’s ideas.