By: chef ssentongo Geoffrey

why study f&b operations?

many f&b managers have no formal training at all. in fact , 91% of restaurant managers first job was entry-level, and they worked their way up over many years.

There are virtually zero positions in a restaurant or hospitality business that a degree in f&b operations would not help. with speciolized training .graduates may find they’re able to make a more meaningful contribution to their work-without 20 years of industry experience .

* The path to leadership:

food and beverage management is an important role in the culinary industry ,and education can help you be a more effective and successful administrator and leader.

* Solidify your skills:

The hospitality industry-no matter what type of job you have-requires a list of general skills in order to be successful . while some of these skills can be obtained naturally .they can also be solidified in a specialised program.in fact , employers may be more likely to hire a pplicants who have earned a degree or diploma from an accredited culinary school.

Here are the skills you need to solidify

* Patience and stress management

* communication when you are working with team of chefs or are face-to-face with customers and guests .

* Attention to detail, having a hospitality job requires you to pay close attention to detail.

* Time management ,nobody likes waiting for things ,especially when they’re tired or hungry.

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