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I know our way around the kitchen, but we definitely have more in common with the contestants of nailed it than Top chefs master. Which means that were inevitably making some mistakes when we cook.

To find the errors of our ways ,we checked in with professional chefs from around the world for the one thing they wish amateurs would stop doing .

> making a difficult menu

Another of the cookbooks that are on the market are very nice for chefs, but totally not suitable for the home cook, I think the key is keeping it simple.

> Mindlessly choosing ingredients

I wish that people would put more love and care into the ingredients they choose and how they treat them.

> Following Recipes too strictly.

“If you’re a beginner, recipes are of course very useful, but cooking is about using your senses and intention to become a better chef.

> Making the same everyday

I admit this is a strange pet peeve for a pastry chef ! Using a recipe is a good guide, but the dish should be your creation as a chef .

> Under or over-seasoning,

Many people have a skewed perception of salt and how to use it . Firs, you should be using kosher salt or small amount of salt .

> Not seasoning to taste

Al though recipes will call for a quarter of a teaspoon of salt , there’s a chance that whatever you’re seasoning may need mare or less salt than the recipe calls for.

> Overusing spices

Many people don’t understand how careful you must be when using a strong spice. You can’t let one spice over-power the other flavors of your dishes.

> Throwing random spices into your dishes,

It want taste good . Know your spices and learn how to use them properly.

> Waiting until you’re done cooking to clean,

Home cooks do not clean as they go you may think it might be faster and easier to clean-up after cooking that is not true.

> Leaving knives in the sink or running them through the dishwasher

It’s not only dangerous, but it’s also the number one way to dull your knife and shorten its lifespan.

> Shaking your pans,

Amateur cooks tend to shake their pans alone because they see chefs doing that on TV. Shaking pan too more things around actually cools down whatever you are cooking and prevents caramelization .

Over shaking of pan
Not seasoning to taste
Over spicing
Following recipe

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