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Skills needed in the kitchen


No matter what culinary arts profession you aspire too, you’ll need to learn the art of food preparation that is done by a sous chef. A sous chef is the person who does the peelings grating, mincing, slicing and chopping of the food ingredient.

* How to pair food?

Certain foods go well together and others don’t, while there are some good pairing that are probably yet to be discovered, for the most part, there are classic pairings that all good.

*. How to plate dishes?

Plating is the term used when the culinary arts professional arranges the foods on the plate in an attractive way. Food preparation is a key factor in culinary arts because it can be done in so many interesting ways.

* How to manage a kitchen?

Managing a kitchen is the job of the chef and the restaurant owner or manager. However, all culinary arts professionals need to learn how to manage a kitchen.

*. The basics of food science.

You’ll need to know a bit about food science so that you can atilize that knowledge when you need to make certain daily ingredients. You’ll need to understand why hollandaise source separates so that you can figure out how to fix the source.

* How to handle difficult people?

Working closely with other culinary professionals in a kitchen can be challenging. Wherever there are multiple types of personalities working together, there are bound to be tense moments of confrontation. And some people are more difficult to contend with than others.


Here are few steps you can take:

> Attend classes to learn new skills if you haven’t already, or look for other opportunities to learn new skills.

> choose jobs that challenge you learn on the job by finding a position that will challenge you.

>. Listen to your head Chef. Whenever your head Chef offers feedback listen. You can actively ask for advice.

>. Find a mentor within your field find a chef you admire and ask them to teach you; a good mentor can offer tips and advice.

>. Take the time to teach others. If you want to advance to a higher position you need to be able and willing to teach others. Step up as a leader in your kitchen.

> Expand your knowledge of the industry. Looking for opportunities to learn about other aspects of running a kitchen or managing a restaurant.

You can manage a restaurant

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