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~ How do chefs become chefs?

It takes a lot more than a fancy hat and a crisp white apron to eurn the tittle!

In fact, the life of a chef is one of hard work, discovering, and innovation. It can take several years for a chef to reach the top of the field, but cooks and chefs get to enjoy the unique challenges of the kitchen and the rewards of a job well done along the way.

If you’re dreaming of a life on the line, here are the steps you must take to become a chef.

* Education

All future chefs have to start with the basics they must know seasoning techniques, sanitation standards, culinary terminology and how to perform certain costs on both meat and produce, manage inventory, do portion control and recipe costing.

* Learning on the job

Trusting that you’ll learn the culinary basics on the job is a gamble. You have to hope that there’s someone in the kitchen who is willing and able to teach you and not teach you bad.

* Mentorship

What about career guidance, encouragement, someone to bounce ideas off to?

A mental can be invaluable in helping you to navigate your path forward and find your place in the culinary world.

* Repeat, repeat

Training as a chef is never complete. There’s always more to learn, whether it’s new technology, techniques you’ve never tried before, or new business skills.

A life-long pursuit

Training as a chef is a delicious, lifelong pursuit.