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What makes one restaurant consistently busy, while the competition is chronically burdened by a dening room full of empty tables?

While acute attention to the details of your profit and loss, statements are crucial to any successful establishment. Its not enough to get the full picture.

Let’s look at what one of restaurant consultant believes to be one of the most important aspects of running a successful restaurant or ber.

Important aspects of running a successful restaurant or ber

1 _STAFF: your staff is critically important. If you want staff to work hard. Take care of the guests, and value their jobs, then you first need to do the same for them. Show them that they are valuable and they will do the same for your guests. .

2 – GUEST EXPERIENCE : The guest experience must be seamless and immsrsive from beginning to end parking seating, service, food and drink quality, the payment process, their departure, and all interactions with staff and management in between must be on point. .,

3 – GUEST SERVICE : guest service should be a genuine attempt to pro-actively give the guest everything they want and more, everything you expect when you’re the guest dining out for a special night. If a mistake is made, acknowledge and fix it. My job is to make sure there’s a happy ending to every story.

4- APPEARING BUSY: people go where people are. They so much of this business is driven by guests coming to see who else they know there, to be seen by others who are there, and or to check in on social media. The our job is to fun this flame. The more people that believe you’re always busy, the higher the demand for your service will become.

5 – A STRONG SENSE OF IDENTITY : know who you are. Don’t try to be all things to all people. It’s like the field of dreams saying, if you build it, you can they will come.

6 – PROACTIVE ACCOUNTING : enforce and practice tight pro-active systems and accounting, As Benjamin Franklin once said, ” A place for everything and everything in its place” this goes for physical items as well as accounting procedures and standard operating procedures.


Consistency is one of the most prevalent factors to finding success, maintaining guest loyalty and increasing the frequency of visits is a key step in maximising your sales. In order to develop those long-term frequent regulars, and even your more infrequent regulars, your restaurant needs a consistent vibe, feel and taste.

8 – FOOD:

The food has to be conversion and camera-worthy. Quality should be top-notch on everything from presentation to flavour. Create craveable items that only you can provide.

I want my guests to feel the culture and magic of our concept through.

“Now when I cook food I think about-where it come from. The blood, sweat, and tears, including my own, those helped bring it to me.

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