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Food and beverages in operating model for hotels was typically designed to service guests in order to drive more core earnings from selling rooms products where the margins were higher. With the over descassed here being the advent of ghost kitchens.

Namely, this is a restaurant purpose built for online delivery apps with no physical settings or store frontage whatsoever. They can be setup practically any where close to the target market and keep lean by excluding all costs associated with waiting tables.

In many ways, hotels have already faced this situation when we started putting rooms inventing on on O T A S. As a start, yuo need a staff member completely dedicated to making your restaurant visible with consistent Information wherever guests or locals are searching.

Next, you have to generate demand, with everything shifted to digital, this requires a tactful mix of paid,especially in the face of these new ghost kitchen competitors, where the cuisine is specifically designed to service the various naisances of delivery without service cost overrans, this requires a holistic rethink of ingredients used as well as packaging and all the other cute.

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