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# Types of buffets

If you’ve decided that you want to open a buffet restaurant, must choose a concept for your establishment and theme for your food.

* Chinese buffet * Indian buffet * American buffet * pizza buffet * sushi buffet

# How do buffets make money?

Because buffet have to produce so much food, you may be wondering how buffets make money. Staying profitable, as a buffet owner involves cutting costs where possible, choosing ingredients carefully and using psychology to structure your buffet layout.

Here are a couple of other Examples of how buffet can make money…

* Food prep * Low overhead *Beverage markup *Cutting down food costs etc.

# Tips to increase your buffet profits…

There are also many clever tactics you can implement to help reduce food costs in your buffet and boost your profits.

*- Use larger serving spoons for cost-efficient and filling deshes like rice.

* – Add a salad bar to your buffet.

* Use smaller pans on your buffet steam table.

* Give your customers smaller plates, bowls and silverware.

* Track the items on your buffet and which products are sitting and adjust accordingly.

If you already have a plan and concept on your table then you can go ahead and start your buffet restaurant.

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