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Assistant General manager

Just like the executive chef has their sous chef, a general manager may have an assistant General manager (AGM). Some smaller restaurants may not need this position, AGM is invaluable to helping the general manager to lighten their load. They may be responsible for hiring, scheduling and training or overseas the other managers, as they handle those tasks.


A general manager (GM) is focused on the big picture. They will be implement new policies, and they may approve payrolls, make sure bills are paid and manage hiring and firing. Their task’s could also include marketing efforts, like special events, promotions and social media. Permitting issues could be under General manager as well.


Large restaurant groups may also have a regional manager, who keeps a birds eye view on their group of restaurants. They will work to make sure that each restaurant is profitable and they maintaining food and service standards.

* what skills are necessary for becoming a restaurant manager?

Restaurant managers have to combine people’s skills, food and restaurant knowledge and financial competency into an efficient package to succeed.

Her are just some of the skills restaurant manager need to bring to their restaurant.

1 – creative and problem solving

2 – Strong leadership and communication skills

3 – Financial and cost control skills

4 – Organisation and follow through

5 Great customer service

6 – FOOD and menu Knowle,

7 – Computer and tech knowledge

Start here to get there,

Restaurant are high-energy and fast paced.

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