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A personal chef will take many years of training and experience. Many people get the misconception that they will go through a training course and work out a chef. But this is far from reality. A chef is someone who is in charge of people. To gain this status, you must first become a cook and work your way up.

A personal chef will prepare meals for private clients. This may be in their home or out of a professional kitchen.

* Creating menus for your clients.

*preparing for special dietary needs.

* Knowing nutritional information.

* Catering to the needs of your clients.

* Improving culinary skills.

* cleaning up and sanitizing.

# Meal preparation

One of the main jobs of a personal chef will be, to plan and prep all meals. In a commercial kitchen, a sous chef or executive chef would have someone else doing all the preparations needed for a meal.

If you have gone through a formal training program and have some experience under your belt.

* Brand yourself

* Referrect to every experience

* Customer service skills

* Business details since you will be in business for yourself.

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