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Choosing a career as a chef :

Choosing to start a career as a chef is something anyone can do at any time in their life. With the hospitality industry continuing to grow year on year, there remains a high demand for skilled chefs and the requirements for you to get started may not be as tough as you anticipate.

In addition to the skills were listing below, ones thing every chef needs is to be fully up to date in.

Food hygiene

Nowadays there are so many different dining experiences available, from fine dining, high street restaurants, to grab and go, and eateries, covering all sorts of traditionals and fusion cuisines.

Becoming a chef opens up many diverse puths, you aren’t limited to one cuisine type or establishment. This means you can be master of your own career direction, something which appeals to many budding chefs.

What are the requirements to become a chef?

Anyone can become a chef, but if you are just starting out you must get some experience of working in a kitchen to put on your cv.

The good news is there are a lots of ways you can do this :

* WORK – many establishments are willing to take on school leavers. You would start your training puth as kitchen assistant or traine and work your way up the top.

It’s in this career where I heard the term, “perception is reality” which is something my mother used to always say. A good thing to remember when dealing with conflict, resolution it also covers, leadership styles, coaching, counseling, and organization, knowledge, customer service, motivation and management styles.

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