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Zinc plays a crucial role in regulation of blood sugar, fighting against cold and infections healing of wounds transfer of carbon – dioxide from tissue to langs and boasting immunity. Cashews, nuts, oatmeal, chicken breast, cereal products, green peas, almonds and kidney beans are good sources of zinc.


#. Potassium, cohich is also known to be an electrolyte, is needed for uoimal nervous system function muscle contraction, to regulate heart beat, maintain tissue elasticity aid in healing promote correct liver functioning and help in building proteus breaks down the corbohydrates and manage proper functioning of over heart.


# iron promotes proper growth metabolism, DNG synthesis, immunity and building of bones and muscle tissue. It is responsible for transferring oxygen in our blood from the lungs. Foods raisins, chick peas, pumpkin seed, legumes whole grain cereals, spinach and sesume seeds are high in iron among others.

I brought this content, in that they I’ve been requesting for, if you have blood sugar.

# Also Revealed :

Lemon wedges contains hurtful games.

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