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Four steps to restaurant success

Before you dash off and ping out to new restaurant in town with a mouthwatering menu , remember reviewing restaurants isn’t all about a free meal. Its about trust and building relationships.

So let’s get right and take a look at the steps, food you should consider when approaching restaurant’s for review.

1- why do you want to review a restaurant?

First up, before you even put hand on your head take a step back and be honest with yourself-why do you really want to review a restaurant?

Are you just in for a free meal and a night out?

If we’re all truly honest, the thought of a free meal in exchange for a couple of services appealing. But it shouldn’t necessarily be the reason for approaching a restaurant;unless you’ve got no qualius whatsoever. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

Your reason might be somehow simple, may be the restaurant is a great match with your thoughts or you have learnt about restaurant operation business and you would like to start.


Make a list of all your reasons why-it will help you when you reach out to start restaurant service its about potential.

Remember, it’s not just about what you can offer in the restaurant, it’s about what they want to be offered.


Remember I said that that reviews are more about building relationship than a free meal? That’s where your doing you homework comes in . But just the same as knowing your reasons, doing your background research is vitally important.


Follow a restaurants that you would like to start and start engaging on a research for how to start operating the business and services.


You’ve brainstormed, done your homework and you’re now ready to go out to start a restaurant.

You’ve already put a lot of effort into getting this, so you don’t want to throw it all away with something cobbled together and sent off in 30 seconds flot, do you? No….


* Take your time, don’t just rush out with the hope you’ll not get what you want.

* Let your personality shine through, not only for your hat for the service your are giving out.

* Keep it friendly and polite, remember to build a strong relationship. Don’t be aggressive and demanding that’s why the restaurant won’t work out.

* Remember why you decided to start a restaurant business.

* Finally, think out side the box how all your ideas will work together. Don’t just assume that restaurant is the best of all business.


Great news, the restaurant side gal’s! You have a fabulous spot service hough your experience to the top of your thought. But there’s still work to be done.

So , what are you waiting for ?

Always remember, there’s no guarantee that on your restaurant all will go well, think very fer and continue working hard. With your-effort and relationships.

By following these steps you should be able to achieve more great in restaurant service.

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Next we will look at,

* Running a restaurant successfully

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I’m chef ssentongo Geoffrey.

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