How to find and Hire the Best staff?

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One of the main ways you can do this is during the recruitment process. Keeping your restaurant recruiting standards high and putting a formal hiring process in place you have a much higher chance of finding the right person for the job-not just the one that’s right there at the moment.

3 TIPS and Tricks for restaurant recruiting :

1- Write High Quality Job Descriptions

Just as you are evaluating job seekers to make sure they are the right fit for your restaurant, they are doing the same with you and your business.

* Brief description and history of your restaurant

* Type of food you serve ( whats your signature dish?)

* Skills needed beyond basic job functions (empathy, team player, outgoing, passionate)

* What is expected of them

* What they can expect from you (pay, benefits, and career growth).

2- Post job listings on recruiting websites or board

After you’ve posted your job description, the next step in restaurant recruiting is to get the word out about your open position.

3- Take a Proactive Approach to Restaurant Recruiting

Don’t just send your job descriptions out into the world and hope for the best! Many times you will find the best new employees by tapping into your current employees, other restaurant owners, or even friends and family.


Like I said, restaurant recruiting is the first step in reducing staff turnover. When you choose the right employee’s the first time around someone who really wants to be at your restaurant and not just looking for a pay check and treat them well, they are more likely to stick around longer.

This benefits you as a restaurant owner in a few ways :

* Save time and money :

The astimated cost of replacing an hourly work is between 300-1000 dollars in most industries. Every time an employee needs to be replaced, you are spending money and time.

* Training :

Each time a new employee needs to be trained, you are taking time away from yourself and your manager. Suffers as well.

* Reputations :

Servers can make or break your business and a new-hire won’t provide the same level of service or have the same expertise as a seasoned pro.

* why is the turnover is so high?

* what is the actual cost and how do you fix it?

Find the answer in your staff management team and and send me the feedback please!.

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