Restaurant Menu Recipe Guide

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Restaurant Menu Recipe Guide

The restaurant menu recipe guide prints as a-page document, the first page can be saved, updated and printed for each recipe. The second page is the instructions. This is a great resource for your restaurant kitchen and bar. You can input items from your entire menu by saving each recipe in this form.

What’s the Use of a Restaurant Menu Recipe Guide?

Consistency in your recipes is critical to customer satisfaction. If every cook is preparing the same dish differently, repeat customers will not be happy because they will expect a certain standard.

However, if each cook knows the recipe for the items, it will maintain consistent quality. Simply complete this restaurant menu recipe guide when you add new items to your menu. If a cook or chef recommends a change, then putting that new version into the recipe guide and teaching the other cook is important.

It is a useful way to display menu recipes quickly with each step needed to prepare menu items. If there are things that can be done in advance, make sure your prep cooks know how to prep that cooking temperatures, times in how long to cook the menu item, plate presentation and more. If used properly, the staff will consistently cook food correctly according to the recipe. You can also attach pictures of each item on the menu template as a precaution tool for cooks to know the plate presentation. Maybe even your service staff can use it.

Recipes for Servers?

Also, use the menu template as a training tool for your servers, they need to know the menu inside and out by memory. This process for your servers is necessary for better customer service. Servers who know the menu and it’s ingredients produce better check averages and more revenue for the restaurant because they can give the customer a clear picture of what the menu item is along with the ingredient.

This helps the customer know they are getting consistent quality food, no matter who is preparing the food for that shift.


It even allows you to know if there are potential allergens in the recipe. When all the team knows the ingredients, they can quickly react if a customer alerts them to an allergy.

Make sure you save the first page of the restaurant menu recipe guide as a template master copy. Create the recipe guide from the template master copy for each of your restaurant recipes.

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