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Blog recipe : Drinks 🍹 and dinner

Get best flavors in the frosty cocktail you can serve at all your backyard shindigs. I mix sun-ripened watermelon and our favorite tequila with just the right amount of ice. —chef ssentongo Geoffrey.


* 2 limes

* 1/3 cups cubed seeded watermelon

* 2 cups ice cubes

* 2 cups tequila

* 1 cup triple sec

* 1/4 cup lime juice


~ cut 1 lime into 12 wedges, reserve for garnishes. If desired. Coat the rim of each glass with sugar. Use 1 wedge to moisten the rims of margaritas or cocktail glasses. Sprinkle sugar on a plate; hold each glass upside down diping rim into sugar.

~ blend watermelon until pureed. Add half each of the following : ice cubes, tequila, triple sec and lime juice. Cover and process until blended. Serve in prepared glasses.


Like your drinks with a south-of-the-border vibe?

Try this kicked-up beer cocktail.


* 1 tbsp coarse salt

* 1 lime wedges

* 2 cups ice cubes

* 6 dashes hot sauce, if you like

* 3 dashes Maggi seasoning or soy sauce

* 1-3 dashes of Worcester shire sauce

* 1/4 cup lime juice

* 1 bottle of wine beer


Place coarse salt in a shallow dish; run a lime wedge around rims of glasses of cocktail. Dip rim unto salt, shaking off excess. Full each glass with ice. In a small pitcher, combine all ingredients, shake well and pour into glasses. Serve immediately.


With their explosion of flavors and textures, these kababs make a quick, satisfying entree.


* 1 pineapple cubed

* 1 kg chicken sausagecut each in three pieces

* 1 red bell pepper cut into chunks

* 2 tbsp honey

* 2 tsp soy sauce

* 1/8 tsp ground nutmeg

* whole water chestnut 🌰 if have it.

Dash pepper

~thread the sausages, water chestnut, pineapple and red ball pepper alternately onto skewers.

In a small bowl, combine the honey k, soy sauce, nutmeg, pepper and reserved pineapple juice.

Grill kababs, uncovered, over medium heat for 6-7 minutes on each side or until the sausages are browned, bastingu accasionaly with marinade.


Make this beautiful beverage at your next brunch or birthday in place of mimosas. Just chill the base an hour before adding the club soda.


* 4 cups Mango nectar or fresh blended

* 2 cups orange juice

* 2 tbsp lime juice

* 1 bottle club soda, chilled

Lime slices

In a large pitcher, combine all ingredients refrigerate for 1 hour. Just before serving, stir in club soda. Serve in champagne flutes.

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