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14 Things you Need to Stop Doing Today to Make Your food Taste Better.

Ever wonder how to make food taste better, like the kind you’d have at a restaurant?

Professional chefs do things a little different, and they have a few tricks up their sleeves that instantly level-up your meal.

1 – Stop relying on a Timer

Timers definitely have their place in a kitchen; I use one all the time to keep myself from burning out-of-sight food in the oven! But, the best way to prevent overcooking your food is to use thermometer and your senses of sight, touch and smell to determine when vegetables are ready.

2 – Stop cutting your Meat as Soon as It’s Done

This is a one: if you’re not resting your meat, all these delicious juices will spill out onto the cutting board, resulting in a dry, tough cut ( no matter how perfectly you cooked it).

3 – Stop Automatically Adding Salt, Pepper or Condiments

As a chef, I’m never offended if someone wants to add salt and pepper at the table-after all, everyone’s taste buds are different. I do hate to see someone automatically doll the food up without tasting it first, though. You might be surprised to learn it’s perfectly seasoned as-is!

4 – Stop Avoiding Fats

Fat is often seen as the enemy, but professional chefs know that fat is flavor. If you really want your food to taste resistant quality, don’t be afraid of using olive oil or butter when you’re cooking.

5 – Stop Waiting to Salt at The End of cooking

Salt is uniquely suited to accentuate the natural flavors of your ingredients. If you just add it at the end, though, your food will taste salty. Instead, salt as you go, building layers of flavor that will make your food really stand out.

6 – Stop Assuming The Recipe will Work

The first thing I learned is that if you’re not tasting, you’re not cooking! The recipe is just a guideline; it’s up to you to use your senses to make sure it turns out perfectly. Be sure to taste as you go

7 – Stop Being Unprepared

In the restaurant, we call it mise en place : ” everything in it’s place” and it’s the key to being prepared for anything while cooking your recipe. If you read through the steps ahead of time and pre-chop all your ingredients, you won’t be caught by surprise as you’re cooking.

8 – Stop Ignoring the Details

A chef considers all the details when composing a plate. If you’re not thinking about things like color and texture, your dish may turn out lacking. To take your food to the next level, pair something crispy with soft foods and balance heavy flavors with a splash of an acidic ingredient citrus juice. Don’t forget about garnish.

9 – Stop Throwing Away Bones and Vegetables Scraps

Homemade stock is the key to stellar soups, stews and braising dishes. Save the bones from your rotisserie chicken or fish and bag-up your vegetable scrap, stirring them in the freezer until your body to make stock.

10 – STOP Forgetting About Sauces

Whether you’re serving up a side of vegetables or a big, meaty entree, pairing your food with sauces can really take things to the next level.

11 – Stop Haphazardly Chopping your Vegetables

The number one rule of making sheet pan dinners is to chop your ingredients evenly or they won’t cook at the same rate. The same rule is true of braising, sautéing and simmering. Take your time and work on your slices and dices.

12 – Stop leaving Flavor Behind

You should know the secret of making the best Gravy, was in the deglazing after you cook meat and vegetables,

13 – Stop cooking Unseasoned meat

Using brines and marinad is a crazy easy way to infuse a ton of flavor into your meat. Even if you don’t have time to whip together a marinade from scratch, you should at least salt your meat before cooking it.

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