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Restaurant Menu Development

Development of Menu concepts which will be a turning point for your restaurants future directions and long-term success to ensure efficiency in cooking, storege and service. With our help, your dishes will distinguish you among your competitors.

Whether you are designing your first menu or re-engineering your existing food offer, you need a strategy behind–not only for the food, but also for beverages. If you have a developed concept, you’re halfway through. If not, with Restaurant custom menu development is an exciting and creative task. The mission is to shape the overall restaurant experience while producing emotions and molding your venues exceptional brand.

Every plate and every glass served to your customers shall produce a distinctive positive emotion. To create the envisioned vibes at your eating venue, you will need to make thorough research of your target guests. Our restaurant menu development consultants are experienced in studying the clientele and undertaking a competitive analysis to understand your local economic features and create an outstanding and viable food offer.

Factors to consider in menu engineering

1 – Competition

Study and assessment of indirect and direct competitors, their food and beverage offer, processes, and pricing, timing, service and customer’s satisfaction.

2 – Venue policy

Positioning of your concept and menu design in the market. Alming at being the leader in the sector or being unique, niche or hyper-focused. Economic condition of your target customers. Proposed pricing portions, variety.

3 – Customers

Find out what your guests seek and how much they are ready to pay for it. Client-oriented approach to building a menu, food serving, and pricing., Developing ways to exceed the customers ‘ expectations.

4 – Operation

Qualification of the crew in your kitchen, bar, and dining area to deliver quality meals on a consistent basis. Staff salaries at the required positions. Availability of the personnel in your local area.

5 – Gastronomy and Nutrition

The menu and recipe development that define your exquisite brand. The class of ingredients you use. Nutritional value and cuisine sector. Ways to maximize productivity on the restaurant.

Competitive analysis

At this stage our menu development consultants go behind the basics of your menu. The next level is exploring the offer of your business rivals. We’ll look for the following aspects :

* Food offered ( menu size, style, served portions),

* Pricing ( price segment, payback),

* Consumer’s feedback

* Time taken for service

* Production ( delivery, preparation, cooking, storage)

* Serving and servicing

* kitchen layout

* Staff ( BOH and FOH, qualification, number of people, working hours)

* Ingredients ( quality, store, supply),

* Available space ( kitchen and dining area)

* Clients ( business class, family, students).

Going Into the Nitty-gritty

First and foremost, we’ll develop a menu concept. We’ll define a flavor profile shaping your ideas into a tangible expression.

When you’re ready with that, we’ll start listening the core ingredients. It’s important to understand how to produce a wow-effect within your exclusive menu. You have to repurpose your available ingredients and use them in as many dishes as possible.

I’ll teach you how to reduce food costs–seasonal products, local producers, bulk purchases, etc.

The other way to reduce your costs ( & risks) is to arrange the supply chain in a proper way.

When that’s done, our restaurant menu development consultants will price the menu items according to the estimated financial capacity of your guests and the local market. You’ll define your profit based on your customer category, Supply, costs, and salary payment, and balance it according to your revenue objectives.

Now the underrated aspect in restaurant menu engineering –plating and glassware. How will each single item look on a plate, in a cup? Will the guests want to post it online? How do you arrange takeout? What’s the cost of the tableware that makes your food presentation worthy?

The bottom line and the most exciting part in food menu development – Test run of your tongue breakers! You we’ll help you assess the time to prepare, cook, and serve, the resulting portion, and the taste, of course. Try slight modifications. Involve others and collect feedback.

Food to stand out

Be sure that your food will distinguish you at the local restaurant market.

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