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The Differences Between Customer Care and Customer Service

At its core, your business exists to take care of your customers. Whether you do that by providing a solution to their problems or a way of fulfilling their needs, your relationship with your customers is at the heart of your business. But there are many ways to build, maintain, and strengthen these relationships.

One of the most powerful is customer care.

Customer care goes beyond other elements of the customer experience, such as Customer service and Customer relations. It’s a more intimate, expensive way of thinking and caring about your customers’ needs and wants. And if you’re able to provide an excellent customer care experience, your customers will be happy, loyal, and profitable for years to come.

But what exactly is customer care all about?

How does it stand out from the rest of your customer experience?

And how can you create an exemplary customer care program?

All that and more for your business to make stand.

What is Customer Care?

Customer care is a facet of your overall Customer experience program. It is how people are treated when they interact with your restaurant or company and brand and it includes every experience they have, from the pre-purchase steps to buying products to after they become a customer and and beyond. Customer care fosters an emotional connection between your customers and your restaurant and deepens and strengthens your relationship over the long term.

What Customer Care can Look Like…

There are many ways of providing customer care, but they all come back to creating the same feeling in your customers that your restaurant or company is looking out for them and has their back.

Measuring Customer Care

It’s much harder to measure than things like customer loyalty or customer success. Most customer care interactions are unique and happen on 1:1 basis so capturing trends across a broad customer base isn’t possible.

Loyalty and success happen as a byproduct of caring for your customers, and it’s not possible to pursue them as goals on their own. You need to create experiences and a customer journey that delights and satisfies customers and loyalty and success will come from those efforts.

How to do Customer care the Right Way….

Since customer care is a deeply personal experience, you can’t just create a checklist of what your employees should do to provide it. It’s not just another box to check on the road to creating a great customer journey. And it’s difficult to standardize since the needs of each customer vary so much.

You need to train your employees in the most important customer care skills. Examples include Active Listening, Problem-solving, Empathy, Independent judgment. It’s not not about providing them with a service list of steps to take but instead giving them the skills to take care of these unique customer care experiences when they arise.

But your management also has a large role to play in the customer care department.


Customer care and customer service might just seem like different terms to describe the same thing-taking care of customers when they need you. But they’re actually quite separate concepts, though they do work together to create your overall Customer experience.

What is the difference between customer care and customer service?

In customer care, you’re building a personal and emotional connection with the people who interact with your business.

But customer service, you’re providing assistance or advice to to customers who need help. Customer care isn’t as easy to qualify as customer service, and it’s more personalized.

While they are different, both customer care and customer service increases customer satisfaction. They just do it in different ways.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of your customer experience strategy just because it’s not the same as customer care doesn’t mean it’s not vital. It’s how your customer gets support with their most basic needs and issues, like instructions for their service needed or product by conveniencing.

Can your business resolve simple issues quickly and efficiently for the vast majority of your customers?

Customer Care

But customer care is about more than just a moment in time when a customer needs a little help and a quick response back to a question. It’s forming an emotional connection with your customers and helping them for the sake of improving your metrics or increase loyalty.

Your Customer Experience

As part of your overall Customer experience strategy, most of your customer who experience a problem or issue will need the help of your customer service team.

But as part of your customer experience, you’ll also encounter a few customers along the way who need a different kind of help.

Customer care Best Practices

Since it is such a personalized and customer experience, it can be hard to understand exactly what great customer care looks like through broad explanations alone.

Business invest in their customer care programs because caring for your customers isn’t just a pleasant idea – it’s also good business sense.

Customer Convenience

Owning a restaurant offers you plenty of freedom, but it also comes with regular hassles. When it comes time for regular service or maintenance, these additional services to the dealer and time spent can add stress to your already busy day.

Personalized Customer Interactions

One of the core tenets of customer care is that people don’t like to be treated like interchangeable parts in your customer service, they expect personalized, customized services where it’s possible.

Unique Customer Care

Ever turn on your restaurant work endlessly through without options no service in, and struggle to make a decision on what to do right? This is a common modern dilemma.

Key Takeaways

Improving and refining the way you care for your customers when they have an urgent or out-of-the-box needs can be challenging, but it also can have a huge impact on the loyalty and satisfaction of those customers.

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