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Good Actions
Good intentions

Thanks to my friend who asked me this question below!

What is the defference between a good action and a good intention?

Intention : A wish or idea that someone means to carry out.

Action: Something that is done, completed or performed.

There is wide gap between thinking the thing and doing the thing.

* What determines if an Action is Good or Evil, is it the Act or the Intention or Both?

There are no inherently good or evil actions. It is a matter of your moral code, perception, and timing.

* Do good Intentions justify bad Actions?

Each is guilty of having done very long actions. Each belie Ed that his intentions were good and that his bad actions were justified in the circumstances.

A good Intention does not make a bad act good. The circumstances involve questioning with Who, Where, When and How. The circumstances of an action can contribute to the Increasing or decreasing moral goodness or evil of an act, but it cannot change to good act that is morally evil.

The moral object can be determined by asking, What action is involved?

The Intentions of the person are uncovered with the question, Why am I doing this?

Moral Object

To cheat or not to cheat.


I am doing this to finish


I am copying from my friend

What are some examples of Actions with good Intentions, but are not or simply look bad to an outside observer?

Should people use, I had good intentions, as an excuse and or to excuse bad things they have done?

Why or Why not?

What should be more important, Intentions or Actions?

Please, send your thoughts in the comment.

Thanks so much my friend who asked this question, please do more and I will answer all your questions.

Intentions vs Actions = change your attitude in life

I’m chef ssentongo Geoffrey.


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