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* Strategically designed commercial kitchen layouts will not only contribute to efficiency of your back-of-house team, but also ensure speed, convenience and exquisite experience for your guests. You should develop the best user-friendly solutions for your kitchen.

The kitchen is the Foundation stone of a restaurant. It’s the key element for all: the right kitchen layout provides for satisfaction for both your staff and your guests. Which, in turn, implies lower operational costs, higher commitment and personal responsibility, as well as customer loyalty and customer retention.

Be sure your philosophy, style, menu, as well as technological solutions will all be factored into. Your restaurant kitchen consultant provide strategic design which makes a kitchen well and truly functional, safe and convenient.

Not all restaurants are the same, that means you need to start with a straightforward discussion of your needs, commitments and vision to implement them in your kitchen.

The key Considerations

* Come up with the menu

It’s no wonder that you first have to consider the menu. Once the culinary repertoire narrows down, you can estimate how the food is stored, cooked and served. In other words, your restaurant kitchen design is dictated by the food you se.

* Estimate The Space

At a restaurant equipment believe that having enough room in the kitchen is one of the most crucial considerations in restaurant kitchen design. The standard Ratio of 6o to 40 with 60 for the dining area and 40 for the kitchen may be changed to either side depending not only on the available space.

* Ensure Kitchen Ergonomics

Your restaurant kitchen consultants will create a handy sectoral kitchen-you will have dedicated areas for delivery, storage, food preparation, washing. Whether it’s an open, island, gallery, zoning, assembly line or ergonomic layout, your crew members will not bump into each other, your meals will be served hot, your fridge doors will not stand in the waiters way, your equipment will be just right for your needs.

* Follow Safety Rules

You understand your kitchen equipment should be safe. Your restaurant equipment consultant understands how to ensure safety. This comprises :

Routine practice aspects

Engineering solutions

Meeting legal requirements

Health considerations

Steps to be Taken

* You should analyze the menu

* you ensure reasonable budget development

* Determine processes to prepare dishes

* Develop equipment list for each kitchen sector and arrange the sectors etc

Why do we Believe that Kitchen Setup is so Important?

You should believe that right things should be done right. The heart and soul of your restaurant belongs here, in the kitchen. That’s the place where your delicious meals are cooked, your team happily works, and your chef creates viands having everything at hand. Admittedly, these all contribute to the restaurants success.

* Time-saving

* Cost-efficient & safe

* Expedient & Comfy

Your preferences, the type of your eating establishment, and the reference public make allowances. Even if you have not included all these factors in your insights, be sure you’ll get the best user-friendly solution.

Do not worry about the backstage —yours is the scene.

Carefully selected staff give them a training to prevent any incidents.

Cost-efficient principle

Be sure that your money and other resources are used efficiently and reasonably.

Safety prioritization

Prioritize safety in kitchen setup to protect you, your employees and customers.

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