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If you’re attending a culinary arts school it’s natural to assume that you’re training to work in a restaurant. That’s a great career choice, but there are so many jobs for culinary graduates.

Read on to explore all the career options available.

* Restaurant careers

Working in a restaurant is the abvious choice for someone with a culinary education. There is a range of positions in a kitchen.

~ An executive chef

~ A sous chef

~Several line and station chefs

~ cooks, prep-cooks and outside the kitchen, such as an expediter.

* Catering careers

Catering is similar to a restaurant setting but is typically larger orders for special events-festivals, weddings and conferences.

The kitchen brigade will be structured in the same manner as a restaurant kitchen,and again you’ll have to work your way up.

* Pastry chef

If you decide to specialize in pastry arts you’ll have opportunities at bakeries, some grocery stores, hotels, fine dining and many catering companies.

* Personal /private chef

One of the more unique jobs for culinary graduates is working as a personal or private chef.

If you like the idea of working for yourself and want to have more control over your customers, this might be a good fit for you.

* Recipe developer

If you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, and you’re willing to do the constant research required, working as a recipe developer can be a very rewarding career choice.

* Food writer

You can combine your culinary education with your writing skills and work as a food writer. There’s a demand for writers both online-blogs, for-example and in print publications like magazines and newspapers.

* Food stylist

When considering jobs for culinary graduates, food stylists are often overlooked. If you have an artistic plan, combining it with your culinary skills may be a good career choice. Food stylists are people who arrange food in beautiful ways so it can be photography or display.

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