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How do you become a chef?

It’s a little more complicated than simply learning a few basic, declaring yourself a “chef”, and going out to look for a job. You may be a great cook, but professionals in the food service industry makes a distinction between cook’s and chefs, so patting “chef” on your resume is inadvisable until you’ve truly earned the title.

* How do you earn the title of “chef?”

That’s what this guide is about : how to earn the title of “chef” with the broadest application across the industry.

While, it’s technically possible to become a chef without formal education, it’s a myth that credentials in the restaurant and food service industry don’t matter.

Credible skills for success in the industry include;

~ Technical skills :

Cooking methods, knife skills, seasoning, pastry, Plating and flavor profiles.

~ Professional skills :

Including “experience during an industry externship and other hands-on training in professional kitchen”.

~ Business skills :

Understanding profit and loss, writing business plans and managing restaurant operations and more.

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