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Attending culinary school is a great path to choose if you’d like a career in the restaurant and hospitality industry, even become a chef or restaurant owner one day. But your options aren’t limited to working in a restaurant kitchen once you’ve completed your program there are so many paths you can follow with your.

One of these options is to work as a recipe developer.

* What is a recipe developer?

As the name suggests, you’re responsible for creating new recipes often alongside a chef for restaurants, special events, and cookbooks. You might ind yourself working at a restaurant, even a large commercial kitchen, or in your own.

You might even develop recipes and share them online as a food blogger or get paid to develop recipes for other bloggers.

* What kind of experience do I need?

Most recipe developer have spent time in a professional kitchen and have basic training from a culinary schools. While they may not have been professional chefs, they have experience in some aspects of food service, restaurant, hotels so they understand the industry.

* How do developers write recipes?

Writing is, in fact, every small part of the process the largest part will include researching and reading you’ll spend a great deal of time reviewing cookbooks, reading books about the culinary arts, even magazines that focus on food.

Your research might include fitting the recipe to a particular Niche, vegan, dairy-free or perhaps needing to incorporate a specific ingredients.

* How do recipe developers approach their work?

Your basic knowledge and research will only take you so far. A successful recipe developer has a certain perspective and ways of thinking about their craft.

They’ll look at a meal and think about what can be replaced to achieve a variety of goals, improving the flavors or adding in new cultural influences. A great recipe developer is thinking about food – – all the time.

* How can I become a recipe developer?

I always tell the up coming chefs that it’s important to keep eyes peeled on the job boards for new opportunities.

Again, research comes into play as you set your new career path.

Many recipe developers start out as a line cooks. This high-pressure positions in the kitchen will give you a very through understanding of how your recipe will make it from the page to the plate.

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